Maternal Bulls (M1, M4)
Guarantee Your Bull

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Maternal Bulls (M1, M4) – Guarantee Your Bull

Maximize Hybrid Vigor

Beefbooster maternal bulls are genetically designed to produce daughters that will form the basis of a profitable cow herd. All maternal bulls have been developed to produce mother cows that will raise a superior calf every year with a minimal amount of over-winter maintenance. Maternal bulls are genetically unrelated. M4 bulls complement M1 bulls and are the other component of our Beefbooster Crossbred Commercial Cow.

M1 Bulls

  • The ideal mate for cows of Hereford, Simmental or Limousin stock
  • Moderate, intermediate framed bulls developed from an Angus base
  • Produces offspring with emphasis put on mothering ability and sound udders

M2 Bulls

  • The ideal mate for cows of Angus, Simmental or Hereford stock
  • Produces robust, prolific mother cows

The Most Demanding Selection Process

The Beefbooster selection standards are so rigorous that only a select number of Beefbooster bull calves qualify as seedstock. We test the performance of every animal to determine its genetic merit, both on the ranch at pre-weaning, and at the test station during post-weaning.

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