Purchase Contract


BEEFBOOSTER BULLS ARE GUARANTEED FOR STRUCTURAL SOUNDNESS FOR 6 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF PURCHASE. Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the bull. All bulls proven unsatisfactory will be replaced upon return of the problem bull or upon receipt of a cheque for the slaughter value of the bull. Beefbooster must be notified prior to returning or slaughtering a bull that is to be replaced, and given the right to examine, and if desired, purchase the bull.

All bulls have been individually checked for physical conformation and soundness. Bulls that become lame or unsound due to conformation or structural defects within 6 months of purchase will be replaced, pursuant to the terms set out above. The bulls have passed a reproductive examination prior to the selection day. A licensed veterinarian experienced in the evaluation of yearling bulls for breeding soundness has checked each bull individually. The semen was found to be of acceptable quality and the reproductive tract free of infection, injury or developmental defects. Beefbooster bulls are guaranteed fertile at time of sale.

There is no satisfactory test available to guarantee the libido of yearling bulls, therefore it is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the mating ability of the yearling bulls in natural service and notify Beefbooster Inc. of any problems.

No bull will operate satisfactorily in an environment that does not support this breeding potential. Replacement under this Guarantee is subject to the owner following the recommendations set out in “The Care and Feeding of 12 and 18 Month Old Bulls,” copies of which will be made available to the Purchaser.

DOWN PAYMENT will only be refunded if Beefbooster is unable to deliver any of the bulls contracted due to causes beyond its control.